Armacao dos Buzios - city guide

Just north of Rio de Janeiro is Búzios, which was a small fishing village until French actress Brigitte Bardot vacationed there in the 1960s. It is now an extremely popular place to visit, with its wonderful climate, spectacular beaches, and lively nightlife. Many people from Rio de Janeiro travel there to spend the weekend. Búzios visitors have a wonderful selection of Búzios hotels to choose from including Búzios cheap hotels. When looking for hotels in Búzios,Búzios is definitely the perfect place for visitors to Brazil to spend some memorable time.
Visitors to the street of stones will find Búzios top-class restaurants and most exclusive shops. All the blue or white painted buildings are either two or three stories tall and follow the old fishermen’s house patterns with sash windows and colonial style roofs. Built onto the Santa Rita church, the Chapel of Our Lady has thirty-three chairs instead of pews or benches, which represent Christ’s age upon crucifixion. The Orla Bardot is a promenade famous for its beautiful scenery and spectacular sunsets. There is a sculpture by Christina Motta of Brigitte Bardot and another of three fishermen. 

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